Utilizing services of recruitment agencies makes sense for specialized or hard-to-fill positions. However, dealing with Recruitment Agents is proven to be tiresome and results don’t always meet expectations.

RECVOLT combines the best of both worlds, gives you access to world’s best specialized headhunters on one convenient platform place and eliminate painful cold calls, contract negotiations and never-ending job description briefings.

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Why Recvolt

  • Eliminate cold-calls

    RECVOLT users agree to fair terms of business for both parties, which cut sales calls, meetings and negotiations off the process, allowing both parties to move faster to the more important tasks.

  • Find the best agents

    Search and invite specialized head-hunters in any region. Review accurate Recruitment Consultants background and track records ensuring you select only the best.

  • No more contract negotiations

    Both parties agree to standard business terms at the beginning of the collaboration, including 30-day payment policy from start date and a 3-month guarantee period.

  • Interview scheduling made easy

    With RECVOLT intuitive scheduling system, organising interviews and providing feedback has never been easier.

  • Confidentiality is key

    Confidential details are only visible to selected Agent(s) that have previously been approved by the Employer. Only then, the Agent will come to know more sensitive details, such as the company name, salary ranges, detailed JDs and other information that allow to conduct a precise executive search.

  • YOU decide what to pay!

    List a vacancy online and decide on a fair fee to pay to the successful Recruitment Agent.

  • It's free

    No registration or subscription fee needed. Just register, post, review candidate profiles, interview and hire.

  • Exclusivity

    RECVOLT gives you the freedom to choose to work with one or multiple Agent(s)

  • Performance management

    The dashboard gives you a clear overview on the performance of your in-house HR team, showing actionable real-time metrics.

  • Job Chat: Simplified communication

    Communicate with selected agents using RECVOLT job chat. Only selected agents see every job-specific questions and answers posted on chat room so you don’t waste time answering the same questions over and over again.

How it works

  • 1. Post

    Employer post a vacancy and choose a fee, which will be paid to the successful recruiter in case of a placement.

  • 2. Submit

    Selected recruitment agent(s) access the vacancy details and submit suitable candidates.

  • 3. Collaborate

    Easily organize interviews, provide feedback and choose the next path of action.

  • 4. Hire

    Offer, hire and onboard the successful applicant.

  • 5. Pay

    Employer pays out the agent’s commission 30 days from start date.

Faster Hiring Process

Successful Placements

Specialized HeadHunters


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